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Wait what?

> polish childporn nazis
And now read:
> 1-2 clicks through the followers of those soups and I quickly recognized a few familar (polish) anime avatar.
There are bad people not mater the nationality. No one likes CP except for degenerates. And I would like to ask you, how many of other followers were german/french/english etc? It's like you focused on one group.

>who come here to insult (I mean what tf even is this) and express their desire to harm certain kinds of people.
Implying that anyone wants to hurt anyone. Or hurting your feelings is equal to doing harm to you. While you say that you call a group nazis. AND

> There are many ways to govern a little community democratically.
 It usually ends with a minority forcing it's agenda with a majority not knowing that there is anything going on.

It's like true newspeak. You either comply with what we decide you have to thing or you will have to be reeducated by force. Why only the left is about censoring people. Never heard the right to say that you can't say what you want. And at the same time you are attacking a whole country. And see no problem with that.

God forbid that the new community will not be as left as you wish. What then?

From when the left stopped being "live and let live' to "live the way we tell you, you can live"

And using a couple of specific users that are less than 0.01% of all users, to create a surveillance ideological agenda site is something that the old ones Hitler and Stalin would be proud of.

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